Three Condemned Men

Three outlaws were forced atop a hill
Gibbeted against their will

A jester, a highwaymen, and a zealot
What there names were I forget

That jester had one sharp wit
He stirred up people quite a bit

Kings and clergy, he called out all
And many heeded to his call

This got him in trouble with the powers that be
So they suspended him in a tree

Now let’s focus on the other two
I’m sure you’re wondering what did they do?

The highwayman robbed and killed with no remorse
Stalking up and down the trading course

The zealot wanted the Empire overthrown
The consequences he should have known

“Why don’t you get us down from here?”
The zealot did jeer

“You’re nothing more than a vulgar clown!
Otherwise you would get us down!”

The highwayman found great offense
and came to the jester’s defense

“Stop mocking him! Coming from me I know this sounds odd,
but can’t you see he’s the Son of God?”

The jester looked at him and said
“pretty soon we’ll both be dead”

“But great things you’re about to see,
tonight you’ll be in Heaven with me.”

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