Daily Archives: April 6, 2014

Summertime is Luh-uh Lovin’

The first thing I will be doing is emptying my dorm room and moving all of it back to my house. Once I have turned in my room key and gotten in the car Summer will officially begin for me. I will have a couple week before I need to pack again, this time for Tanzania. After six months there I will return, staying two weeks in Europe had been talked about but much to my chagrin nobody wanted to do that. We will also only be in the Amsterdam Airport for two hours on the way there and two hours in the London Airport on the way back. It would have been nice to get two continents checked off with one trip, but I can’t since legally you are not in the country until you have left the airport. A good portion after my Summer will probably be spent telling everyone about how that last six weeks went and readjusting back into American life. Other than that, my Summer will probably not be that interesting.



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