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Wasted Years

There are many points in my life that are easy to romanticize about. Some of those points are well defined periods with a definitive beginning and end though often overlap. Notable examples would be my first Boy Scout troop, my second troop, my youth group, and my time at junior college. Each one were great in there own way, but the people of the collective experience move on and it becomes time for me to as well. Sometimes I look back and wish I could go back, but I realize that those days are over and that all there is to it. Besides all of those times had downsides. Honestly the most fulfilling time in my life is right now.


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Hammer Space

Maybe this is a little too literal.



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Some Day the Sun Will Shine

I’ve been going through a lot this past week, here’s a song that really makes me feel better:



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Take My Hand…..

We’re off to Never Never Land!

My sleep pattern is erratic, sometimes I fall straight asleep while other times it can take me hours. During spring break I until almost eleven, and most of that was solid sleep. I always have to have a mocha on school mornings; I considered giving that up caffeine for Lent, but I realized that would effectively be more like giving up staying awake during class for Lent. Friday night was a difficult night for me, but last night I slept just fine.

While we’re on the subject of sleep, here is one of the most hilariously genre defying covers of a classic song about sleep. Enjoy:


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Don’t Listen To a Word I Say

This song is the first thing that came to mind when I read this prompt. The original music video is amazing, but I think this machinima actually tells the story found in the lyrics much better. Enjoy:



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Memory Remix

There aren’t too many songs that I connect with certain memories that I can think of. However every time I hear a good mashup or remix it brings back to when I was taking my History of Rock n’ Roll back at my old community college. We discussed the art of taking different songs and combining them to make something new. Many people think this appropriation is stealing and not real art, which just proves that it is. Anyone familiar with postmodernism should know this. What I like about it is that it takes songs that are often from different times and seamlessly makes a new song, and that in turn fuses different memories I have from when those songs got a lot of airtime. Here’s really good mashup I found:

Yes, it has Rick Astley. No, I’m not trying to Rickroll you, seriously it goes good with Avicii.



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The Joker and the Thief



February 3, 2014 · 12:09 am