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Hernia, a haiku

You first poked out one

Year ago, but went away.

Why did you return?

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El Sol

You’re always there, even when I don’t want you

But your presence is not visible when I’m desperate for you

And your wife La Luna is present instead


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So Little Time

Not enough minutes in an hour

For my thoughts to be able to flower

Not enough hours in a day

For all that I think to be something I actually say

Not days in a week

To accomplish everything I seek

There are enough weeks in a month

To repeat every anything just short of a millionth

Not enough months in a year

To take my life where I want to steer

Just enough years in a decade

For me to reflect on the decisions I’ve made

Not enough decades in a century

To make what ever time received satisfactory

Certainly not enough centuries in a millennium

To prevent time from inflating like helium.

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Relatives are hard to relate to

Every family has kooks

Making things interesting

Mine has quite a few

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Apology to a Tree

I’m sorry oh poor tree, for being what you are

Call it Providence, or call him/her God

I feel that they gave you the short end of the cliché stick

You have no senses, cannot move, and cannot think

You just stand there all day, moving only to involuntary response from wind or snow

Depending on what species you are, you may grow and shed leaves and/or bark

Other than that, the only thing you do and stand and consume rain

You just stand there, getting taller and taller

One day you will die, either from natural causes or being chopped down

If you live long enough you may be vandalized, and be burdened with ecowarriors sitting in your limbs

Forgive them, appreciate them, they do it to protect you

What a sad, boring, miserable existence

You poor wooden giant!

deku tree

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Election Duels

Some days, some nights

Some prosper, some falter

in the Way of the Senator

Some rally, some flee

Every other year

For the orators in D.C.

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Annual Shamanism: A Haiku

Kids seeking candy

Dressed as that which they are not

Wearing false faces

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Crossed Paths

Millions of paths cross’d

All stories one of a kind

But most unobserv’d.

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Rage in a Can

Sometimes rage comes out

Just ignore it and calm down

Don’t stoke the fire


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Boredom: A Haiku

Two short weeks ago

There was stuff for me to do

But now there is not


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