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Even Hitler hates Trump

One hobby I’ve picked up during my last hiatus was YouTubing. I took a film making class during my last undergrad semester, so I launched a channel to show people outside of class the videos. Since then I got into making untergangers which are videos with fake subtitles for the film Downfall (Untergang in German), which chronicles the last week of Hitler’s life. One famous scene has Hitler receiving bad news about Berlin’s defense, which results in him having a meltdown in front of his inner circle. This scene is the basis of most untergangers, and they have him have rant about practically anything you can think of. My first two had him flipping out over Trump naming Mike Pence as VP and Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature.

My new one, however, features him very upset over Trump being elected. Enjoy:


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All Cycles are Friendly, then Vicious

The first half of this semester was depressing for me, the depression was tolerable. Around midterms too many unexpected changes happened and that made me stress out and panic. Shit got too weird and I ended up missing the whole week after midterm, and things have felt like one game of catch up after another. I’ve never been so excited to get done with a semester. Only a week and a half left!




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When to eat pie

There are a wide variety of pies I enjoy eating. While pumpkin pie is unpredictable, one of the best ones I’ve have was the one I tried this Thanksgiving. It was from Costco. There is often a stigma attached to store bought pies, but I actually prefer them. My grandma was planning on baking the pie this year, but she couldn’t find the recipe she had in mind. She humbly admitted that, and the whole family could eat the pie without hurting anyone’s feelings.

On Thanksgiving it tasted kind of bland to me but I liked the texture. But on Black Friday it had an excellent flavor.



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Where’s the feather duster?

I decided to jump back into the blogging game. Now I’m a Senior in college and will God willing I will be graduating in May of 2016. Damn time has flown, I remember when I posted on here several times a week (almost every day) and would give blow by blow of my life in school. I won’t be doing that, especially since too much has happened since than to get you loyal readers up to date. This blog was always evolving anyway.

I will get my Bachelor’s in History with a minor in Writing. Right now I am taking a class which has the last third focus on a group blog on Blogger. I will post a link to it once it is set to the public.

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Pleasant surprizes

Yesterday in between my 9:00 am political science class and my 1:00 pm history class I decided to begin with my online math class. When I logged into where all the online classes and physical class supplements I was not able to find it. I was worried maybe I wasn’t properly enrolled in it so I went over to the registrar’s office and asked about what was wrong, and turns out nothing was. They told me that the class is only half a semester long and starts after spring break. Great one less class to worry about. For now. On the other hand I absolutely hate math and would like to just get it over with rather than delay the inevitable. Even worse it also means that I will have to worry about that final around the same time as all my other finals, instead of have the final at midterm. Still the fact that it is only half a semester’s worth of material is awesome, because that implies we are not getting into any deep math shit. The name of the course is “Math in Modern Society” which is college Doublespeak for “Math for People Who Absolutely Suck at it But Need to Pass the Gen Ed Requirement.”


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I remember this one from Sunday school too many years ago than I would like to think of.

The whole thing seems like an elaborate conspiracy to make Christianity look lame.



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What grinds my gears

Recently our campus launched a radio station. Right now it’s a podcast series on Sound Cloud, but there is a five year plan to grow it into a professional broadcasting radio. Anyway the whole idea is that its for the students by the students, and I decided to have a go with a show. My idea was “what grinds my gears” where I go off on stuff that annoys me. In the podcast I described it as “stupid shit,” and the DJ told me I couldn’t say that word. I proceeded to ask if I could say a bunch of different swears, and each one he said I couldn’t and they were bleeped out. This was his idea, not mine. After that bit I went on to about two things that annoy me, the first was people who call Family Guy “The Family Guy” and the second was people who call Fred Meyer “Fred Meyer’s,” something I talked about here:https://djgarcia94.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/what-is-the-name-of/. The higher-ups wouldn’t approve the podcast being posted, because A)gratuitous language and B) too much negativity. I’m still glad I tried because it was worth a shot.

If your interested you can listen to the station here: https://soundcloud.com/ksmu-saints-on-air


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Thank you Mr. Tsoukalos

You really make my day. Every I tune into Ancient Aliens and see your awful spray tan hair meticulously styled to look unkempt I smile. Best of all is that pre-Columbian airplane lapel pin that totally isn’t just a stylized insect. Nothing brightens my day then when I watch a new episode every week to see what new thing you’ll pull out of your ass next. Sure the others are amusing, but none compare to you.

– Your biggest (ironic) fan



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Relatives are hard to relate to

Every family has kooks

Making things interesting

Mine has quite a few


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Disney Vault

No marketing gimmick annoys me more than the Disney Vault. For as long as I can remember every Disney tape movie ever has had promoted this idea that all of their classic films are kept lock and key in a physical vault, and each of them are periodically released for a limited amount of time before being put back in. That bullshit is nothing more than a way of creating urgency to consumers to go out there and buy a copy while they still can. All the Disney VHS tapes I grew up with made those claims, but they all left the vault again during the DVD era and once more during the current Blu-Ray era. I know the being put in the Disney Vault is just a code for “not making any more copies for the time being,” but its fun to imagine breaking into the vault and freely dishing the movies to all.

Don’t buy into this bullshit




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