Pleasant surprizes

Yesterday in between my 9:00 am political science class and my 1:00 pm history class I decided to begin with my online math class. When I logged into where all the online classes and physical class supplements I was not able to find it. I was worried maybe I wasn’t properly enrolled in it so I went over to the registrar’s office and asked about what was wrong, and turns out nothing was. They told me that the class is only half a semester long and starts after spring break. Great one less class to worry about. For now. On the other hand I absolutely hate math and would like to just get it over with rather than delay the inevitable. Even worse it also means that I will have to worry about that final around the same time as all my other finals, instead of have the final at midterm. Still the fact that it is only half a semester’s worth of material is awesome, because that implies we are not getting into any deep math shit. The name of the course is “Math in Modern Society” which is college Doublespeak for “Math for People Who Absolutely Suck at it But Need to Pass the Gen Ed Requirement.”



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3 responses to “Pleasant surprizes

  1. I hate math too. Good luck! Which history course are you taking?

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