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Down to the Wire

Nothing sucks more than being confused about an assignment deadline. While I was able to get a lot done over Thanksgiving break, I didn’t realize that I had a major assignment due tonight. I thought it wasn’t due until next week. I’m pretty much done in all my other classes, so I can finally zero in on completing this draft. This has been a stressful semester, especially with the additional burden of being on academic probation. I just remind myself of what Dory would do. Just keep swimming.


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Down the Rabbit (or frog) Hole

In my Media in Society class all of the students have to give presentations on a topic of their choice. My topic is the Alt-Right, the loose confederacy of meme savvy neo-Fascists who have propped up Donald Trump as the next Fuhrer/Duce. Unfortunately my group partner dropped out of the class, leaving me to fly solo for this one.

I’m giving my presentation on Tuesday, so right now I am taking a break from putting the PowerPoint together. It’s difficult slogging through countless losers who blame all of their problems on Jews, Muslims, Feminists, immigrants, and everyone who is different from them. What distinguishes the Alt-Right from more “traditional” Klaverns and Nazi parties is their savviness with social media. White Supremacists have used the Internet as long as there has been an Internet, generally occupying the echo chamber forum Stormfront or designing their own shitty Angel Fire pages. The Alt-Right recruits impressionable young people on 4chan and Reddit, they ride the coattails of Internet Troll culture the same way White Power skinheads do with the punk subculture. Now they are all over Twitter, spreading their filth to audiences that would have never been exposed to it otherwise.

Right now I am trying to organize a coherent presentation explaining the Alt-Right’s relationship with Trump and the media in general. My plan is to recycle the content of my PowerPoint and turn it into a YouTube video. I’m not sure when I will be able to do that, but I will be sure to post it on here.

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Worry about the orange elephant in the room, not me

Ever since I first joined WordPress I have cycled through periods of daily activity followed by weeks to months long spells of inactivity. Tonight I am coming out of the longest inactive spell yet, elven months. My last previous post was on December 31st, 2015. Here is a brief timeline of everything that has happened with me so far this year:

January: I began my final semester of undergrad; I also applied to the University of Oregon’s Master’s in Journalism program.

March: I receive an acceptance letter from UO, relieving stress about what to do after graduation.

April: I turn in the final draft of my senior thesis; at the student paper staff party I win an award for Best News Writer.

May: I graduate with a Bachelor’s in History; I go on a school trip to France.

June: I return to America; I move to Eugene and begin my grad program.

August: The quarter is over so I go home.

September: I return to Eugene and start the new quarter; I find out I am on academic probation because my GPA is below the required 3.0, if I don’t get it up this quarter I will be dismissed from the program.

November: The bastard child of Mussolini and an orangatang is elected President of the United States of America.

Now for the orange elephant in the room. That last event is what compelled me to end my hiatus after a few months of procrastination. I didn’t think it would happen. When Trump announced he was running I thought it was a joke. When he lasted I few months I wasn’t particularly worried. Just another occupant of the Republican Clown Car I thought. I didn’t mention him once in any of my posts from my last active period, he simply wasn’t worth my time or energy. I don’t remember any of the blogs I follow taking him serious either, most thought he would fizzle.

Then he was the last man standing.

Like everyone else, I believed the polls which placed his rival at an 80+% chance of winning. I am shocked and frightened. As a journalist in training me and my cohort mates feel compelled to be part of a new generation of media that nips this sort of bullshit in the bud.

So long story short, I decided it was time to return. WordPress has been a great platform for me to put out my thoughts to the world.


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El Sol

You’re always there, even when I don’t want you

But your presence is not visible when I’m desperate for you

And your wife La Luna is present instead



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Opportunity Knocks

chief sent out an email asking us what we would like to cover in the next issue. I said I wanted to write about the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Turns out roughly half of the staff also said they wanted to cover it. I got the assignment because I was the very first to say so, but I will be collaborating with another staffer since it’s a very complex issue that could benefit from two brains writing on it. During the meeting the EIC said she wanted there to be an article covering our school’s presence at the recent White House College Opportunity Day of Action, and that assignment would include interviewing our school president. Everyone seemed very intimidated by that which was problematic because it was a very important event and needed coverage, so I volunteered. I’m scheduled to interview him tomorrow.

Today I interviewed a student senator for yet another article, which means today I interviewed a senator and tomorrow I will interview the president.


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Three Weeks Solid

I’ve never been able to post for an entire month straight, but I have gotten close. All it takes is one day too busy or one lame DP for the chain to be broken. I’ve tried to achieve one month of daily posts, but there is always something that comes up and once it is no longer intact I give up. Any blogger who manages to post every day impresses me, and anyone who posts multiple items a day astounds me.


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Weekend Retreat

Tomorrow evening I will be leaving for a school prayer retreat. The event will be held at the campus retreat center where my creative writing class went for a writing workshop last month. I will be back on Sunday evening. Interesting there will be a second creative writing workshop held on Wednesday, and this time I plan to stay the night as do many others who didn’t last time. The retreat center is really awesome so it’ll be pretty cool getting to go their twice within a week.

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Apology to a Tree

I’m sorry oh poor tree, for being what you are

Call it Providence, or call him/her God

I feel that they gave you the short end of the cliché stick

You have no senses, cannot move, and cannot think

You just stand there all day, moving only to involuntary response from wind or snow

Depending on what species you are, you may grow and shed leaves and/or bark

Other than that, the only thing you do and stand and consume rain

You just stand there, getting taller and taller

One day you will die, either from natural causes or being chopped down

If you live long enough you may be vandalized, and be burdened with ecowarriors sitting in your limbs

Forgive them, appreciate them, they do it to protect you

What a sad, boring, miserable existence

You poor wooden giant!

deku tree


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Just School Stuff

Pretty much all of the documents on my hard drive are homework assignments. Essays, journal reflections, problem solution papers, stuff like that. There really isn’t much point in me keeping them, honestly all they do is take up space, but I keep them for nostalgia. Also to laugh at how bad a writer I was like five years ago. Some of my old college assignments actually would be of interest to someone in the future. A lot of what I wrote in junior college were current issue papers, and it would be fascinating for someone in the future to read what some in the past had to say about NAFTA, Monsanto, Occupy, and so on; especially considering that they will know how accurate the speculative elements of those papers have turned out to be.


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Halloween Helper

This year I decided to participate as a scarer in the campus haunted house. I play a killer clown who followers visitors for the first half and scares them right as they leave. We started on Thursday and tonight will be the last night. Its held in one of the occupied dorm halls and this year was a big improvement from last year. Honestly though, it is difficult to be scared when you know everyone doing the scaring and can usually recognize them from how they walk.

Today the campus hosted a trick-or-treating event for the townie kids. A fellow staff writer for the paper is doing an article about it but she volunteered with giving out candy so I took pictures for her to include in the piece. This year there were way too many Elsas and Marvel heroes.

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