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Take My Hand…..

We’re off to Never Never Land!

My sleep pattern is erratic, sometimes I fall straight asleep while other times it can take me hours. During spring break I until almost eleven, and most of that was solid sleep. I always have to have a mocha on school mornings; I considered giving that up caffeine for Lent, but I realized that would effectively be more like giving up staying awake during class for Lent. Friday night was a difficult night for me, but last night I slept just fine.

While we’re on the subject of sleep, here is one of the most hilariously genre defying covers of a classic song about sleep. Enjoy:


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Started a Meme I Have

For those of you not in the know about Lenten practice, Sunday is taken off because it’s considered in appropriate to fast on the day we celebrate the Resurrection. Since I gave up frivolous internet usage I have taken advantage of today to catch up on all that. Most people have not returned from spring break yet so it’s a perfect day to waste time online. So I started a meme, “Heisenberg Yoda” which is a photo of Yoda with a crappily edited goatee and glasses paraphrases Walter White quotes with Yoda’s trademark sentence structure. Fellow Breaking Bad fans should love this one.

Here’s the link for anyone who would like to see the other ones I have made so far, or better yet make their own.


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Pancake Day

Well today is Mardi Gras/Carnival as most of you probably know (some perhaps a bit TOO well), and I have decided to take part in Lent. Yesterday I went to a discussion that the campus chaplain put on about the origin of Lenten practices, and I decided it was something that I should take part in. Instead of meat or sugar, I have decided to give up what I term “frivolous internet usage,” by that I mean looking at funny shit on the internet. Don’t worry I will still be blogging, something I view as a productive (hence not frivolous) use of my time. I will have to give up things like YouTube, Cracked, Listverse, Meme Generator, TVtropes, and things like that. I’m not sure about Wikipedia, since you can learn so much good stuff from there. It will be challenging, but I think it will be worth it. Weekends will be especially hard, but it will push me to grow.

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