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Sunt eu, en Haiduc (It’s Me, an Outlaw)

Actively standing up to the powers that be isn’t habitual for me, though I’m very proud of the times I’ve done it. Back in Pre-K I remember coloring a picture and the teacher kept pestering at me to stay in the lines. My eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills were impaired (and are still somewhat lacking) and was simply not capable of staying within the lines. I did try to stay in the lines, but didn’t really care if that I couldn’t. My teacher sure did. That really pissed me off. It was art, and I thought something to effect of “f*** your rules I can make my art however the f***” I want, so I just started scribbling all over the picture. Boy it felt good to rebel against such an asinine and unjust policy. First they start off regulating creativity, what would come next? I had to nip it in the bud. Man did the teachers get upset with me, but that was the best part.

One of the things I love about going to a Catholic university is getting to know several monks. They are all surprisingly outgoing, and most of them do not live up to what I imagined monks would be like. One who teaches one of my classes one day told us how there was an anonymous underground newspaper on campus around ten years ago. It was heavily critical of certain school policies and officials, and he said that he agreed with what the paper said entirely so he contributed to every issue until it was cracked down on. Most of the contributors were identified, including him and he had to have a little sit down with the Abbot about it. Unsurprisingly amongst students he is the most popular of the monks, though I can tell his reputation is rather tarnished among the monastic community. This just goes to show that anyone can be outlaws. Monks are no exception.


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