Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Some people go out of their way to make new friends. My brother loves going places like the park so he can make new friends. For me that I has always been a futile exercise to try and befriend people who you will play with for an hour or two then never see them again. I also hate when total strangers greet me and ask how my day is going. It’s not that I don’t like having friends, I do. Usually I’m a little shy when I’m new to a group, but once I feel comfortable I leap right in and begin to interact. With the people I talk to and decide that I like mutually, then they become friends or at very least acquaintances. The line between the two can be rather fuzzy for me. Some people I may know for a while before I really start hanging out with them. Others I hang out with quite a bit but still don’t exactly consider them to be friends. That’s just how it is.



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