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Creature of the Night

I feel like shit when I wake up every school morning. I put off actually getting out of bed and getting dressed as late as I can, and then I grab my backpack and head to class. MWF I go to the campus coffeehouse and drink a tall iced mocha, something which I get so regularly the baristas don’t even ask what I want anymore. That caffeine is needed to get me through those days, which are the short class days for me this semester. On Tuesdays and Thursday I have class all day, but a don’t need my mocha until after my first period. I had considered giving up caffeine for Lent, until I realized that would be more like giving up staying awake during class for Lent.

I fare much better during evenings. Then I feel calm, alert, and focused. That is when I get most of my work done, especially since I’m done with MWF classes at noon and spend most of the afternoon hanging out with friends. Actually I don’t have any school today and I didn’t on Friday, because of Easter Monday and Good Friday. One big perk of going to a Catholic school that they don’t tell you about is that every Holy Day is a Holiday. We get so many days off and three day weekends are fairly common, and four day weekends are not unheard of.



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