Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

I Have No Such List

There are many things I want to do before die, but I feel no need or desire to write a list for it. Some things I will almost certainly do, others I will possibly do, and others there is a good chance that I won’t. Having such a list would become a measure of life success and a completion meter. Because I view everything as being nothing but a sequence of cause and effect from circumstance, I realize that anything could become impossible. I have always wanted to go to Egypt and Turkey, neither one is remotely plausible as of current and it will probably be many years before it is again. On the other hand I will be going to Tanzania this summer, which is not a place I had ever thought about going to before going to the info session for the trip. Besides, what will it matter what item on the list I completed or didn’t once the bucket is kicked?



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