To Argue

When I was younger and more foolhardy I was easily baited into arguments. I knew I was right, but some people would never budge. One day I realized that many people enjoy doing this and that they don’t use strategies based on sound logic, they make their points in a way that is designed to bog you down and give up because any point you have no matter how valid will be attacked with something they pulled out of your ass for you to correct once again. After realizing this, I realized that some people will never admit they are wrong. For some it’s a matter of being too proud. For others a symptom of low self esteem, they argue because it gives them a sense of being good at something. When I realized this I concluded that life is to short to argue. Arguments are a waste of time, brainpower, and vocals.


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2 responses to “To Argue

  1. Ignore the ignorance, you can’t fight it.

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