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We’re Still Relevant Damn it!

A while back my brother was going through an Arthur phase. For the sake of nostablia I’d join him in watching what was one of my favorite shows growing up. I was shocked at the things they did to make it up to date. There was one episode about Muffy oversharing on social media, and another about Francine trying to make a viral video. When I was growing up Arthur didn’t have to show he was hip with all the latest technological trends. There was one episode where they got into online gaming, but it was pretty tame. A more amusing one was where Mr. Ratburn discovered the internet and wasted a bunch of time in chat rooms (they didn’t specify on what). However, these never felt contrived to show they were hip and in the know. Another unrelated but even more egregious change is that now the Brain is Senegalese for no apparent reason. It’s almost like the writers sat down and were all like: “you know what we need? More diversity! Let’s reveal Brain’s black and have his family celebrate Kwanzaa during the Christmas episode! How do we explain that? Let’s just say his parents are immigrants from some random African country. Senegal! Bam, mission accomplished!” As if aardvarks, monkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs, and others interacting with each other wasn’t diverse enough.


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