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Review of Monsters U

I just got back from Monsters U. Pixar has been at the top of the animated film game ever since they started but I’m afraid now they’re starting to lose their footing. Monsters U wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original; or any of their original films for that matter. Without giving too much away, the story was very predictable (there was one decent plot twist) and I didn’t feel it was necessary to explain how Mike and Sully became friends. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s certainly not the kind of film that put Pixar on the map.

Thankfully they have stated that they are laying off sequels and prequels and will be returning to original films. That is the right decision, sequels rarely live up to the original but most studios still turn to them as a reliable source of income. Can’t believe the original Monsters Inc. came out twelve years ago, I still have a fresh memory of going to see it.

Overall I give Monsters U three stars, which is on the generous side.

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Man of Steel Review

I went to go see Man of Steel yesterday. When I first heard they were remaking Superman, I was highly sceptical about the claims that this one would appeal to today’s audiences. He’s Superman! He’s bland and wholesome and not as intersting as superheroes who cam after him, after all. Some of the measures to make him more “realistic” were superficial as hell, such as getting rid of his trademark underwear over his pants. However, I was pleasantly with the movie. They actually did do a good job at their goals, I thought the explanation about how he got his powers were much more believable than “he’s an alien and they’re just like that on his planet.” Without giving too much away, the visuals were very good and the scenes on Krypton were dazzling. Still the storyline was kind of weak, but I wasn’t dissapointed as I certainly didn’t expect The Dark Knight Trilogy or the first two Spidermans.

Just realized that I’ve never seen one of the Christopher Reeves films in its entirety, they were way too cheesy for me to finish. I know all of you who are old enough to remember probably thought they were state of the art when they first came out, but Generation Yers such as myself grew up when SFX were getting as realistic as they possibly could. I was a fan of Superman: The Animated Series back when it was on; but I didn’t like it nearly as much as Batman: The Animated Series, which was my favorite childhood show second only to Pokemon.

Overall, I think Man of Steel was very succesful in its goal. I wish the filmakers the best in creating a series.

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