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Most people associate the word froth with good things like beer, root beer, or shampoo. Not me. The first thing that comes to mind is something unpleasant. I live in a rural area with lots paths, many of which are by creeks and streams.

My family has two horses and we used to have more and ride them all the time (I only rode maybe five times if that, wasn’t my thing). None of us have been riding in at least ten years, it’s a very time consuming hobby and we donated all of our tack years ago. Lately I have been going on plenty of walks down those trails. However lots of our neighbors still go on trail rides, and plenty of people from the area come to do that. You can always tell if someone went riding recently if there is a manure pile in the middle of the path. Near the water there is another way to tell: a white frothy mass flouting in the water that happens when a horse urinates in it.

And that is why “frothy” isn’t a word I’m fond of.


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