Down the Rabbit (or frog) Hole

In my Media in Society class all of the students have to give presentations on a topic of their choice. My topic is the Alt-Right, the loose confederacy of meme savvy neo-Fascists who have propped up Donald Trump as the next Fuhrer/Duce. Unfortunately my group partner dropped out of the class, leaving me to fly solo for this one.

I’m giving my presentation on Tuesday, so right now I am taking a break from putting the PowerPoint together. It’s difficult slogging through countless losers who blame all of their problems on Jews, Muslims, Feminists, immigrants, and everyone who is different from them. What distinguishes the Alt-Right from more “traditional” Klaverns and Nazi parties is their savviness with social media. White Supremacists have used the Internet as long as there has been an Internet, generally occupying the echo chamber forum Stormfront or designing their own shitty Angel Fire pages. The Alt-Right recruits impressionable young people on 4chan and Reddit, they ride the coattails of Internet Troll culture the same way White Power skinheads do with the punk subculture. Now they are all over Twitter, spreading their filth to audiences that would have never been exposed to it otherwise.

Right now I am trying to organize a coherent presentation explaining the Alt-Right’s relationship with Trump and the media in general. My plan is to recycle the content of my PowerPoint and turn it into a YouTube video. I’m not sure when I will be able to do that, but I will be sure to post it on here.


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