New chef

During undergrad I lived in the dorms residence halls (I don’t want to offend the Res Life community, they love to bitch about the word “dorm”) and almost all of my meals at the cafeteria, the only exceptions being the local Thai or Vietnamese places about once a week or the closest Subway whenever I was hungry on a long weekend night.

Now that I’m in grad school I live in an off campus apartment, I eat out more often than I really should in addition to making my own meals. I subscribe to Blue Apron, a delivery service which ships the ingredients for three meals for two once a week. That is what I eat from Friday to Saturday.

I love Blue Apron because it gives a huge variety of meals, including many things that I had never heard of before like shakshouka (a Jewish egg and chile dish similar to huevos rancheros). Recently one of the meals was tarts, well personal quiches. They had mushrooms, cheese broccoli and vinegar. I’ve had quiche too many times to count but I had ever made it before, it was pretty good.



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