Winter break rough patch

Last night my family arrived in Albuquerque to visit family. By “visit” I mean give my aunts and uncles a break from taking care of my grandma who frankly we are all shocked could possibly still be alive. I got say hi to several relatives to day, but they were to rushed to have a conversation deeper than:

“How’s college?”

“Good, I’m applying to grad to school to get my Master’s in Journalism.”

Before moving on to somebody else. Lots of noise, but I still managed to take a ninety minute nap despite every room being filled with loud conversation. The only time I was able to go outside was to check the garage for tortillas in the freezer. None. Sunday is my birthday and we’ll be going to Santa Fe, one of my aunts said she’d “relieve” us of responsibility to my grandma. We hope that was bad joke.

I move back into my dorm on January 10th, which means we’ll probably start the drive back to Washington on the 7th in order to make it back at a leisurely pace but have an entire day before the move back to campus. I probably won’t even do any proper unpacking since I’ll just have to repack the next day.

Tomorrow my dad plans on getting some stuff at Wal-Mart and stopping by the tortilla factory, with maybe a few other stops thrown in.




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