My last winter break

I finished up with classes for Fall semester on the 9th and came home the following day. Winter breaks have always been tough for me, I will never forget my first Winter break when I was in community college and I was ill for several days and was in the mends for just as long after that. That first semster was so wonderful, even when it was stressful. Everyday I had stuff to accomplish and things to look forward to, so when winter break rolled in my immune system crashed from idility. Fortunately I was able to get in good health in time to do some fun things before the next quarter started.

All the other winter breaks were similair, though I never got nearly as sick. I’m getting my Bachelor’s next semester, so I am currently in my last winter break of my undergraduate career. Like always I had a difficult time acclimating to life back home, it’s especially difficult since I get home at the time the whole family is bustiling with Christmas shopping and other preperations. Last week I had to go back to campus to pick up the primary sources for my senior paper, I was able to get those books and now all I am missing is one more which I ordered from my local library. After Christmas my family will be driving down to Albuquerque to visit relatives. I will be celebrating New Year’s and my Birthday there, which are always two stress free holidays for me where I don’t really mind what we do. We’ll be arriving home a day or two before I move back on to campus.

I also started working on my grad school application process. As a history major I initially wanted to attend grad school to get a Master’s in History, but I decided that journalism would be far better suited for me.


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  1. KG

    Advance Merry Christmas to you and your Family 🙂

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