Kill your own Paarthurnax!

Me and my brother both love video games. We have always been Call of Duty and Halo fans, but like most people have gotten really bored with the former franchise. For years I’ve preferred RPGs and open world games because they grant something FPS denies: freedom.

I bought Skyrim for my 18th birthday, back in 2012. Most gamers remember 11/11/11 as the date Skyrim was released. I had played it through three different characters before my brother got interested in it. He’s a lot younger than me, so he was slow to catch on to what he calls a “reading game.” Once he got into it he would constantly call me down for help and it got old. Part of what makes Elder Scrolls games fun is the extent that you discover things on your own, especially since there are decision based quests. Once my brother grew more confident I told him to make decisions without my help, which he did. He ended up killing a lot of NPCs that you can kill, but really shouldn’t.

File:SR-quest-Paarthurnax (quest).jpg



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3 responses to “Kill your own Paarthurnax!

  1. Having time for a younger sibling is always difficult to balance. Allowing space for him to ‘succeed’ on his own is not a bad thing.

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