Double Digits

I’ve written about my juvenile dream jobs in earlier posts, but I don’t actually remember what I wanted to be when I was 10 years old. I just remember it was a huge deal because I was double digits. 13 was my next milestone birthday, because I was finally a teenager. Many people (in the US anyway) believe that turning 20 is not a big deal, but I disagree. For me it meant I was no longer a teenager, 19 was weird because it meant I had been an adult for a year and would be a teenager for another year.

Now I’m 21 and I just feel like a normal adult. My birthdays are fun because they are like holidays with no regular celebrations. I went to Vegas for my 21st; I never got drunk, only gambled about $20, and didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have told my grandma about.


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  1. Your grandmother should be proud….

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