In School and Not in School

I love knowledge so any day where I can learn something fundamentally new is a good day for me. By “fundamentally new” I mean something that will either greatly enhance stuff I already knew, or completely reorganize my understanding and interpretation of something new.

During breaks I can get very bored because breaks are generally times when I go several days, weeks even, without learning anything that sparks interest. A week or less of that is tolerable, but when it drags out into a months there are problems. Some people, very foolish people I might add, see education as a linear process that ends once they have the degree needed to get a desired job. Other people, more wise people, know that the more you know the more you are aware of how little you know.

But sometimes the brain needs a break from learning things that are fundamentally new. New information is useless if not properly processed.




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2 responses to “In School and Not in School

  1. As a college student I completely relate to your post and I actually find it pretty amusing because of how relatable it is.

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