If You Can Pass Philosophy…….

You can pass any other college gen ed class. Unless you have eccentric tastes in recreational reading material or have actually taken a philosophy class, you have no accurate idea of what philosophy is. Even if you meet either or both of those criteria you may not still. On Wednesday I have an oral final in PHL 201 then I am done with the Fall 2014 semester, and more importantly, done with philosophy. It’s not a fun class, but you can learn a lot from it. Applying what you learned and showing that you learned it is the challenge, so in a way I’m happy I took it at the same time I wish I didn’t have to. Whatever the case, I’m just glad I didn’t take care of that requirement when I was still in community college. My community college had one class, and it was online so instead of lectures you had to watch VHS tapes from the ’80s which only had one set available at each campus library. Screw that. Taking PHL with an actual professor was a much better course of action, so I’m glad I took that route. On Wednesday I will say goodbye to Plato, Descartes, and Aristotle.


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