What grinds my gears

Recently our campus launched a radio station. Right now it’s a podcast series on Sound Cloud, but there is a five year plan to grow it into a professional broadcasting radio. Anyway the whole idea is that its for the students by the students, and I decided to have a go with a show. My idea was “what grinds my gears” where I go off on stuff that annoys me. In the podcast I described it as “stupid shit,” and the DJ told me I couldn’t say that word. I proceeded to ask if I could say a bunch of different swears, and each one he said I couldn’t and they were bleeped out. This was his idea, not mine. After that bit I went on to about two things that annoy me, the first was people who call Family Guy “The Family Guy” and the second was people who call Fred Meyer “Fred Meyer’s,” something I talked about here:https://djgarcia94.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/what-is-the-name-of/. The higher-ups wouldn’t approve the podcast being posted, because A)gratuitous language and B) too much negativity. I’m still glad I tried because it was worth a shot.

If your interested you can listen to the station here: https://soundcloud.com/ksmu-saints-on-air



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  1. Start your own show from your own computer, stream and then post previous episodes on YouTube, get a following via social media, work your way into studios and onto real syndicated radio shows and talk shows, constantly tell the story about how you got started by not wanting to work with narrow-minded idiots at a certain college campus.

    PS: The staff at Fred Meyer call it Fred Meyer’s. No one really gives a shit, we just go there for the cheapest Doritos and craft brews in town.

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