Disney Vault

No marketing gimmick annoys me more than the Disney Vault. For as long as I can remember every Disney tape movie ever has had promoted this idea that all of their classic films are kept lock and key in a physical vault, and each of them are periodically released for a limited amount of time before being put back in. That bullshit is nothing more than a way of creating urgency to consumers to go out there and buy a copy while they still can. All the Disney VHS tapes I grew up with made those claims, but they all left the vault again during the DVD era and once more during the current Blu-Ray era. I know the being put in the Disney Vault is just a code for “not making any more copies for the time being,” but its fun to imagine breaking into the vault and freely dishing the movies to all.

Don’t buy into this bullshit





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5 responses to “Disney Vault

  1. Hahaha. As much as I love Disney, it is very important to remember that it is a company, corporation in fact, on which people rely on for their salaries.
    That off, I do feel your pain.

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  3. I really wish that they were in an actually vault and that you would break in to give all of the movies away! I don’t care if I am in my early 20’s, I will always love Disney movies!

  4. The “vault” exists. It’s fire proof, earthquake proof, water proof probably even air proof. Disney will survive an apocalypse along with the ‘roaches 😀

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