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Story: Zeby Stanczyk was jester of dubious historicity who served under three Polish kings. Though nobody is certain whether he existed or not it he has had a major significance in Polish culture because of his outgoing sense of humor which enabled him to say what needed to be said. He was always quick to point out wrongs, but was able to deliver them in a way that was palatable. His knowledge of the events around him was also something of a curse, as he would be grief stricken when others where blissfully oblivious. This was especially true when Smolensk fell to Russia in 1514, and Stanczyk was the only one in the palace remotely bothered by it; everyone else was too busy having fun a ball to realize their country would soon be dissolved.

Attributes: People born under the Stanzcyk sign love interacting with other people and are very good at amusing them. They also are very good at analyzing situations in an understandable fashion. However they are deeply cynical and skeptical, and this makes it difficult to see good; but they are very aware of their own weaknesses. Also the type who are quick to point out that astrologers, mediums, diviners, etc. are just charlatans out for the money.





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