Texture Sensitive

There’s a lot of things I won’t eat because certain reflexes easily kick in, this includes most vegetables but not much else (I drink a lot of V8 and Odwalla to compensate). With anything else I love trying new things. Whenever there’s a new animal available, barring some fish, I will try it. The weirdest thing I ever ate was this:


That’s jellyfish. I had in at a restaurant in the Seattle Chinatown with a couple friends a few years back. When we walked in everyone inside was speaking Chinese, so we knew we found a good spot. Jellyfish is also one of the worst things I’ve tried. Rubbery and flavorless. Thankfully we also get several other dishes.

If I ever have the opportunity to try whale I will. Don’t judge me with “I can’t believe you support that” or any shit like that. Eating whale is no more bad the planet then creating such a demand for beef that billions of cows are polluting the earth by farting all day. And don’t give me the “you’ll be sorry if they go extinct!” I’ll be very happy that I took advantage of an opportunity now lost forever.


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