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A Success I Found at Open Mic Night

Every month there is a campus open mic night and the most recent one was last night. Other then a comedy monologue performance and banjo solo it was a largely lackluster hour of people singing whatever top 40 hit they last heard (thankfully Let it Go was absent this time), so I decided it needed a little sprucing up and I decided to do a performance of my own. I can do impressions pretty well, granted its a limited range of characters. I have a routine of Shaggy smoking a bong and getting super high, and I asked if I could do it even though I knew they would say no. Sure enough they said I could as long as I took the weed smoking out, but that’s like Tony Montana without his Bolivian dancing powder. That provided an excellent intro as I prepared the audience for the approved routine: Yoda. It was heavily improvised, but I went on about selling out to Disney and the audience howled with laughter. After the show many people approached me and said it was the best part of the night. Even more satisfying, I discredited my sister’s claim that I would never make anyone laugh with my Yoda voice.

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