Information can lead to arrogance

Since arrogance blocks common sense I would say yes, I agree with Ms. Stein. There is one hilarious myth that the front page of the New York Times contains more information than a man of the 19th century processed in his entire lifetime. There are many variations, and they are all full of shit. Then there’s the quaint notion that knowledge is equal to intelligence. Its true most intelligent people know a lot, but not all; just because you are smart doesn’t mean you put it to any use. On the hand most unintelligent people don’t know very much, and those that do are unintelligent because they lack common sense.

On an unrelated, largely self promotional note, my first article as a Staff Writer was published today; and thankfully nothing got axed.



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3 responses to “Information can lead to arrogance

  1. Johnf890

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