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Shit My Pants

Honestly, I think I very well could. I don’t like when random strangers start talking to me. Just before logging on I was waiting at the campus café for my mocha to be made and some random guy I didn’t recognize said “How’s it going?” I said “fine” or something of that nature, not expecting for anything further to be asked. Then he asked what classes I was taken, and hesitantly I responded. Now things were getting weird. I felt like saying “I have no reason to speak with you. You have no reason to speak with me.” Thankfully all that followed was a casual statement about how we’re getting into the second week. By then my coffee was ready and I left. Out of fairness, its possible he knows who I am as its not uncommon for people I don’t recognize to address me by name.

So as you can imagine, the scenario of today’s DP is terrifying.


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