Nothing to Do, Nothing to Write About

Yes, I’m alive (at the time this was posted). No, I haven’t forgotten you guys. Ever since I got back from Tanzania I’ve been really tired and even more bored as there is really nothing to do other than playing video games and watching TV. You know, less than ideal blogging material. The only other thing that’s been going on with me as of current is that last week I turned in all my enrollment conifirmations and payment validation necessary to begin the next school year. I’m paying for school using my dad’s Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, and in the past all I had to do was fill out a form on the school website and submit that. Now they decided to add some complicated ass extra step, which involves filling out a form that will penalize a single typographical error by forcing you start over again. Army bueracrats are always looking for ways to further ensnare people in red tape.

Move back into campus on the 24th, and classes start the following day. I can’t wait to go back. Trust me, I will have plenty to blog about then.


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