Patron Saint of Struggling College Students

St. DJGarcia was a hardworking college student who was remembered for passionately engaging in classes while still enjoying life with his friends on campus. The accounts of his life are few, contradictory, and the earliest are written long after the fact, so his fate is the matter of specualtion. Most say that he graduated though dispute whether he pursued higher degrees, some insist that with the burden of academic stress he died, but all agree that he did not drop out. Now college students all over the world ask him to intercede during hard times. Studying for exams, papers, making money for tuition, getting elected in student leadership, all of these things he is reputed to pray for. In iconagraphy he is depicted as carrying a backpack which symbolizes the literal and metaphorical burden of being a student, a Western Civ textbook, and a tall iced mocha reputed to have gotten him through many a dull Intro to Economics period.


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4 responses to “Patron Saint of Struggling College Students

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  3. Hah, awesome. Could St. DJ’s scope also include dropouts like me who kinda miss uni but don’t? Lovers of libraries and haters of lecture halls? See, you’re attracting uncerteain souls already. UH OH. 😛

    Mine also mentions students:

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