No Table, For Starters

What might shock some dead ancestor would greatly depend on who this ancestor is, for what may mortify one may not even cause another to bat an eye. However there is one thing that all of them in recent memory probably would get shocked by, and that is the fact that we don’t sit at the dinner table when we eat. We used to, but that was many years ago and now we never do with the exception of Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes New Year’s. At this point it feels plain weird to sit down together for a regular meal, in fact that wouldn’t be “regular.” The table is used to store stuff, and it is rarely cleaned off. Dinner at our house is usualy eaten on the couch in front of the TV. Ten Years ago that was not normal, and I’m sure thirty years ago that would have been unthinkable. I can only imagine what a great great grandparent would think about all that.



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4 responses to “No Table, For Starters

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  3. KG

    I converted mine to my office table 🙂 but in my parent’s home, my dad has this rule, where only kids below 10 yrs are exempted. Food will be served and eaten only in the table. No food in couch or watching tv during eating. We do cheat when he isn’t around 😉

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