Could it be, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest…….

extraterrestrial beings? My once guilty pleasure would have to be watching Ancient Aliens on the “History” Channel. I have watched it religiously from the first season onward, but for the first several episodes I did it covertly. My family thought it was weird at first that I watched it despite not believing any of the claims, but now they understand why I find it so amusing. It is so contrived, getting better each season, and one has to wonder if they actually believe what they are saying or if they are just pretending to to make money. If you haven’t seen Ancient Aliens you should. Its amazing.


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4 responses to “Could it be, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest…….

  1. I like that show. The best part is the nut job with the big hair and fake tan. My wife occasionally catches me watching truly crappy tv shows. That really is embarrassing.

    • Yeah he basicly IS that show. Honestly seeing him for the first time is what kept me from changing the channel, there have been a few shows prior that promoted similar ideas but none were nearly as entertaining. I also like the guy with the Indiana Jones hat.

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