Home Sweet “Home”?

Hey guys, I’m back! On Saturday I moved out of my dorm and back home, and I am still adjusting to the nonexistant hustle and bustle of life when school is out. I would have went home on Friday or earlier but I volunteered to help with graduation. My mom stopped by on Saturday morning and we out everything in my room except for some cleaning supplies and the suit I wore to graduation. I served as a greeter and after the ceremony was done I went to a reception to congradulate and say goodbye to my senior friends. Once I said goodbye to everyone I wanted to I headed back to my room to vacuum the floor and and wipe down the furnature surfaces. My mom returned shortly after and we put the remaing items back in the car, and we finished this just in time for my checkout appointment. My RA said I passed the check out inspection with flying colors, and with that I handed him my room key and got in the car. So ended my first school year on campus.

The next day was Sunday and I was going to go to church, but I was to sore and to tired. Sunday and Monday were spent just trying to recooperate, I have been exhausted since cramp week. Today I went out to do some errands with my dad and we went right by were my campus is, for a moment it felt like I was going back like any other weekend. But I wasn’t. One thing that I will already miss is all of the freedom I have during the school year. I have grown accustomed to living under the same roof with 200+ people, now I must get used to living with four like I had up until last August.


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