I Lost =(

Well as the post title insinuates, I wasn’t elected LSA VP. I am deeply disappointed, but more so at the voters than me not getting it in and of itself. I have been to every meeting and event except for one; but I lost to someone who NEVER went to a single meeting last semester, irregularly attended this semester, and didn’t turn in their candidacy application by the deadline. The rules clearly stated that you are only eligible for candidacy if you attended meetings for a full school year AND turn in the application on time, so my rival shouldn’t have even been allowed to run and I should have been elected unopposed. I also had a very clear agenda of what I would do as VP, I would take full advantage of my unique advantage of having an extensive knowledge of Latin cultures that I have acquired as a history major, but we were not given an opportunity to take our goals. I would like to know who voted for who, but alas I cannot really find out.

Ironically several people enthusiastically insisted that I should run for President of the Black Student Union, which I am also heavily involved in. While I was very flattered and honored by that, I did not run for that position because I don’t feel right trying to become spokesperson for a demographic I’m not part of.

In democratic systems people get the leadership they deserves. If over half decide they want a Vice President who lacked the drive to go to 85%+ of club functions over someone who had the drive to go to 99%, then so be it.

At least the school paper hired me.



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2 responses to “I Lost =(

  1. KG

    It is sad. Life isn’t fair most of the times.

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