A Foot on Both Sides

That’s the situation I feel that I’m in right now. Well more accurately I’m completely emerged on one side, but do venture into the other for brief excursions. Last semester I used to go home roughly ever other week, but I have only went home four times during this one. The first time was to have my parents help with my application and resume, the second was to get a haircut for the interview, the third one was spring break, and the fourth and last one (which was just last Friday) was to visit my neighbor who has terminal cancer and is expected to die any day now. During none of those times did I feel like I was at home, because my dorm is my home now. Still, going home provides me with a break from the hectic, populated, existence that I live on campus.

Unfortunately going home is counterproductive because I can’t ever get any work done, in fact on any given school day I get more stuff done than I did during all spring break. Now the 150+ people I live with are like a new family, because we all now each other uncomfortably well with all our quirks and shortcomings yet can still accept one another for who we are. Just like blood family. Of course I will be going home for the Summer soon, and this time it will be enough time to readjust to life there. Only to go to Tanzania for the second third of the break and be there long enough to adjust to life in a culture on the other side of the globe. All that is just part of being an adult. I’m on my own now and I’m my own man. I don’t live with my family anymore, and I am becoming increasingly independent. Last August I was thrust across the threshold into a new world, and it has proven to be a place where I have survived and even thrived.




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