Unsavvy Giftgiving

Back in my ’90s childhood there was nothing I wanted more than a Nintendo 64. All of my friends had them and the only way I would play was by going to their houses and we’d playing until their moms told us to go outside. Finally in Christmas of 2000, I got one. It came with Donkey Kong 64. After all those years (which are much longer when you’re six) I had my wish granted. Since I had very little skill at the time I was busy with DK 64 for about a year, then I wanted something else to play. What my parents didn’t realize was that the console was finally only $150 for a good reason, because gaming consoles go through a generational cycle of about seven years when there are replaced by the next generation of newer, more technologically advanced, consoles. My parents just didn’t get why N64 games were so hard to find; it was because it was at the end of the transitional phase. I was able to get one other game, Kirby and The Crystal Shards.

Several years later my sister spotted Pokémon Snap at a garage sale for seven bucks and got it. Those were the three games we had until we got our 360, thankfully we got that one right at the time when that generation was just beginning but there were a substantial selection of games that weren’t $60. Nonetheless, the Nintendo 64 has a special place in my nostalgia as being a largely a gap in my otherwise complete Generation Y childhood.





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