Best and Worst

The worst thing that could happen to me is well, death. I’m not sure what the most realistic cause for today would be, but its always a possibility. Second worst would be someone else I know dying. Best I’m not so sure of. Maybe just have a good day where I’m busy and able to hang out with friends? As for particular events, I’m not so sure. I wonder if that says something about me that I can immediately determine what the worst thing that could happen to me is but I can’t for the best thing. Who knows, but I think it might.



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5 responses to “Best and Worst

  1. Interesting perspective. To me, my death isn’t really a problem for me (I will, after all be dead and not have to worry about it). To me death without the completion of goals or with a mind to the effect my death will have on others is the true impact. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.

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