Situation Recreation

When I still lived with my family playing video games was my preferred way of unwinding after a long day of classes. Now that I don’t have my console with me in my dorm room, I generally just relax by walking around the dorms and seeing what everyone is up to. If someone has their door wide open, I’ll talk with them and move on. Whenever I see a group hanging out I will often join them for a while. I know, exciting right? The other thing I like to do for fun now is sleep. Hey, you gotta make do with what you got.

Blogging is my way of briefly relaxing between classes.



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4 responses to “Situation Recreation

  1. 🙂 why you are living in dorm and not with family ?

    • Well because if I lived with my family that would mean I would not have as much time with my friends on campus and would not be as involved with the campus community because. Going to school would be like a job. Besides, at twenty I feel that it is time to become independent.

      • 🙂 OK. Here in Pakistan we live in joint families and if due to any reason we need to live apart from family we met them very frequently and call them daily.

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