Just Stop Procratinating. Now!

I procrastinate a lot. As a general rule the easier and less time consuming I think something will be, the later I will put off getting it done. Sometimes I don’t get homework done until an hour before it is due, or at best the night before. Actually that is most of the time. What’s funny is with longer papers and research projects I begin to prepare right after being informed of the assignment. That way I have plenty of time to find resources, get said resources, read said resources, and write the paper. With reviews for class readings I always put it off until the last minute, and I manage to write the 500-1000 words needed within two hours tops. My room has been messy for most of the semester, and every time I clean up my half my roommate does his; only for his to fall into chaos a week later and mine to follow suit. I’m not blaming him for that, after all I’m not the most tidy person. It’s just that when you have two people who are like that living in the same room it tends to be mutually influential in a bad way. Maybe I’ll tidy up this Saturday.




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9 responses to “Just Stop Procratinating. Now!

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  2. I am the queen of procrastination!! I have similar situation but with my boyf he is messy and now I’m kinda like … If you can’t beat ’em ….

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