Back From Portland

Yesterday I went on an overnight school service trip to Portland Oregon with a couple friends. We stayed at a church that is heavily involved in serving the homeless. Last night and this morning we helped serve meals and interacted with some of the people who came. I have been on numerous weeklong trips in Seattle similar in nature, so it felt very good to be able to it again. It was especially satisfying to do this in a city with a different group of friends. Since all this is so familiar, I honestly learned nothing new about homelessness and poverty though I was reminded of the true nature of America’s shallow side. Once you are willing to converse with the homeless, you will find that many of them are some of the most interesting people around. One gentleman we met told us in great detail about his collection of 273 neckties. Another who we met shared many of my interests in history and folklore, and we had a conversation about the origins of Anansi the Spider, Polynesian migrations, Navajo burial practices, Pygmies, and Yupik hunters. There are always those who you want to know more about, but realize that you can only learn what they bring up. Our group also walked around Portland a lot, and it was really cool getting to do that. Of course we went to Voodoo Donuts, except it was the one they don’t show on TV. This one was next to an adult movie theater and had a fifteen minute line. Still it was well worth the wait. I really enjoyed the trip, though I do wish it would have been a full weekend. My weekends are extremely monotonous and predictable, I usually do the same shit every time. I hope I will be able to attend the school’s next Portland trip.


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