To power a better future

This was written by one of my friends and it was published in our campus newspaper. I thought it was really good and worthy of sharing.

The Belltower

By Bobby Prater

Humanity has searched for power since we first began to build a better life for ourselves. Whether we sought it through power over people, over land, over resource or over nature itself, we have been on a long conquest to fuel our imagination and reach for the stars. Recently there has been a wrench in the gears of progress. Problems such as peak oil, emissions and a growing need for energy and power have begun to push in upon our lifestyles. However, there is an alternative that could help solve many, if not all of these problems, and we have it right now at our very fingertips. This asks the question; why are we not using nuclear energy?

In his presentation “How will we Power the Future: The Case for more Nuclear Energy,” Washington State University Nuclear Chemistry Professor, Kenneth L. Nash, Ph.D., discussed why he believes…

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