“You’re Dad’s a Made Man!”

I’ve never been fooled that bad before, but their have been times when people tried to pull one on me. Here is a conversation I actually had with my uncle:

Me: So the Kennedys, Frank Sinatra, Jack Ruby, Marilyn Monroe, J. Edgar Hoover, who else do you suspect of having Mafia ties?

My Uncle: Your dad!

Me: What makes you think that?

My Uncle: I don’t think, I know! You see, he’s in the witnesss protection program. Just look at him over their, doesn’t he just breath “wise guy”?

Me: Prove it!

My Uncle: He’s not from Albuquerque, he from Brooklyn! And he’s not Hispanic, he’s Italian! Your “auntie” isn’t his sister, which means I’m not your uncle. None of his side of your “family” are related to you, and I don’t think you would want to meet your real Family.

Me: What did he do before he left?

My Uncle: Contract killing, narcotics smuggling, racketeering, strip club bouncing, horse race fixing, the works.

Me: Who did he work for?

My Uncle: Don Vito Cor — ugh John Gotti! John Gotti! Yeah he worked for John Gotti.

Me: That’s all I needed to know




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