I’ve blogged about the depressing condition my hometown is in enough already, so I will talk about life on my campus instead. We are surrounded by trees, which really isolates us from the town that surrounds the trees. Getting past that thin wooden barrier takes a matter of minutes, but it is enough to make it seem like we all live in a giant bubble. Everybody knows (or is acquainted with) nearly everyone else, so in effect we are a small village. The dorms feel like giant houses that are shared with 100-250 other residents. The best way I can describe how it feels is that we are a tribe of lost children, away from our families for the first time and living together while trying to figure out who we are. What I don’t like is that too many people return to their other families every weekend, which encourages more people to do that and discourages anything good going on during the weekend. I rarely go home anymore, largely because I don’t feel at home in the building that was my house for thirteen years. I feel no allegiance to the larger town that I am in, because I am immerged in a microcosm.




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