Simeon the Stylite: A Shape Poem

A pious man

By the name of


Sat alone on a pole

Because he wanted to grow closer to God

Free from all our world’s temptations

Holy               And free from all want            Holy

Life                         Oneness with YHWH                       Life

That is what he wanted

So he sat on that pole

Holy                   Life

Holy                   Life

Holy                   Life

Holy Life                     Holy Life

But rather predictably The Dark One reared His ugly head

And tried to tempt the Most Holy Simeon

“C’mon get off!”

“C’mon get off!”

“I know you want to!”

 “But you’re a good hermit!

“I know you want to!”

“Just get off!”

“Just get off!”

“Are you cool?”

“I don’t think so!”

But Simeon never got down from his pole

And that’s the way our story ends!


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One response to “Simeon the Stylite: A Shape Poem

  1. KG

    *claps* Very cool 🙂

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