“Tomorrow you’re going to be four!”

I remember my mom telling me that as she tucked me in bed one night. It’s the earliest discernable memory I have that I can put a date on. That must have occured on January 2nd, 1998. I have a few memories that are possibly earlier. I remember very clearly the first time I saw Pokemon, that may have occured as early as 1997. I turned on the TV in my room, and the themesong was playing, and I was enthralled from that moment. It was the episode where Ash competes against the kid who dressed like a samurai, and Pikachu wins a very narrow victory against Scyther. Yes, I remember it that clearly. This was when my family lived on base in Japan, I can still picture the layout of our house and what our neighborhood looked like. Another thing I remember was thinking that Japan didn’t look that different from America, except of course that people who lived off base didn’t speak English. I’m not sure why I thought that, maybe it was because US military bases there basicly are little American enclaves. Having no memories of before we moved there (I was still a baby), I did not think living there was a big deal at at all.

I also remember a commercial that had people riding jetpacks made of giant upside down beer cans. Yes, you read that correctly.




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