Remembrance of Things Past

At my school each dorm hall has a different theme that is changed once a semester. When I returned to campus this semester I walked through one hall and the new theme was the ’90s. The walls are covered in posters of all the icons of ’90s pop culture. Pokemon, Rugrats, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Hey Arnold, Reccess, and several other childhood shows that I had completely forgotten about are all visible. Seeing this actually took me back to my childhood. For perhaps a minute I was mentally and spiritually transported back about sixteen years. It was brief, and I could feel myself jolt back to 2014. There are fairly regular occurances of me having nostalgia, but that was the first time I had a full blown flashback. At twenty I am a full adult, but I don’t feel dramtically different than I did in my late teens. My early childhood seems like a dream. It quite possibly was.


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