Presidential Ambitions

While becoming an RA is currently up in limbo for me, new opportunities have already presented themselves. One of my friends told me that I should run for President of the Latino Student Alliance, on grounds that I “know a lot about our people.” Running for that position had never occurred to me, and thinking it over it probably is something that I would enjoy. Our current president will be graduating this semester, so we will have to find a new leader. I’ve talked about this with a couple other people, and they all seem to think that I am well suited for it. For the first several LSA meeting I went to I felt like I was the one who was the most out of touch with the culture, so hearing people say that I would make a good leader really made me feel like I entirely fit in. So I when the time comes I will run. If I end up getting the RA position I will take that and someone else will have to be club president, I don’t think I could do both. It looks like next school year has some pretty big potential for me, but what will actually materialize is anyone’s guess.


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